Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Peek into my Room: Sunglass Hangers

{sunglasses, from top left to right: Xhilaration, Xhilaration, Delia*s, Forever 21, Rue 21, ModCloth}

I needed a way to show off my sunglasses collection. Originally I wanted to hang them on a pretty ribbon, but then I saw this idea, and it seemed much easier to execute, so I went with it instead.

And do you know what's funny? I've only bought myself two pairs of sunglasses! The blue polka-dot ones were from my little sister, and all the ones on the bottom hanger are from my big sister - including my favorite, Jackie-Oval sunglasses (far left) from ModCloth!

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  1. Hey Katie! :D

    First of all, I think I told you this when I was visiting, but those hangers are so cute! ;) Also, I have now decided to paint my room either white, or a slight off white color. I first didn't think I would want to, but actually the more I have thought about it, the more I think I will. :)



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