Monday, October 7, 2013

Lovely Sponsors for September

My apologies for the lateness/lack of posts lately. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you'll know that I recently lost my dear, sixteen year old cat and I've not been keeping up with my blog or email. These are just a couple of my lovely sponsors this past month:

Adored Vintage is an online vintage boutique featuring lovely, handpicked pieces. I know vintage is a huge love of many of my readers (and people of the world, for that matter) but it's so hard to find good quality pieces sometimes! I really love this black lace dress (very Gatsby!) and this black cloak. Perfect for the cooler days we've been experiencing in Chicago-land! 

Swing the Day Away is a personal style/baking/travel/lifestyle blog written by the lovely Sara. She's one of my dear friends. I mean, she loves the Lord of the Rings and autumn festivities as much as I do - how could I not love this girl!? Definitely give her blog a read - you won't be sorry. 

♥ This is a round-up of my lovely sponsors this month, that help support the Wildwood Flower, but all opinions expressed are my own.