Monday, October 31, 2011

Fuzzy Blue Lights // Daily Outfit

 {jeans//Old Navy :: shoes//Blowfish Shoes :: sweater//thrifted :: necklace//vintage :: coat//gift}

Sorry these pictures are so blurred - it was getting dark when I took these pictures. Aside from that, though, what do you all think of my hair!? I finally bit the bullet and got it professionally dyed. It turned out darker than I was planning on, and I sorta hope it softens up a bit, but I'd much rather have it too dark than too light, and I'm really pleased with it! Finally I can wear bold make up and have it pop again! ♥

Friday night my family and I went to our favorite pumpkin farm to get pumpkins to carve. It's a really small farm run by a family on their property literally right in front of/behind their house. It's such a lovely place to visit each autumn, and we all really look forward to it. They also have a corn maze (that we haven't got around to doing yet) and donkeys, sheep, goats, a lama, and they used to have chickens and rabbits but we didn't see them this year. I even got to pet some kid goats! They were so soft and adorable, and two of them were play fighting. It was adorable!

A Very Teal Week // Instagram Photos

1. Caesar salad with chicken for lunch! Yummy!  2. My messy desk. This must be dealt with.  
3. Tea and video chatting with my big sister. <3  4. Pretty purple nails.  5. Pumpkin spice steamer.  6. Got my hair professionally dyed yesterday! I love it! <3  7. Teal nails  8. I'm drinking coffee!!  
9. My inspired jack-o-lantern!

Owl City's Hot Air Balloon // Music Monday #20

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It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Owl City. I love how happy 80% of the the songs are, and this one is no exception. I love how cute it is - just some friends running around playing pretend. ♥

And speaking of Owl City, guess who's going to an Owl City concert on the 7th? Yep! Me! I am soooooo excited! I can't wait to see Deer in the Headlights live! *fan girlish scream*

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This and That...

I borrowed this idea from Meredith of One Sheepish Girl. I wanted to do a post like this as soon as I saw her first This and That post, but didn't because I already did so many other posts. Now seemed like the perfect time to try it since I've been so busy since starting drivers ed two weeks ago.

So, here I go...

This: A virtual tea party with my big sister on Monday thanks to Skype. ♥

That: I'm working on getting my posting more regular again/re-figuring the types of posts I want to do, so I've been scribbling down ideas in my blog journal all week. Can't wait till next week when a lot of them go live!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When the Stars Silhouette Me

A few months ago Maddie and I went on an impromptu photo shoot for my One Year post. I love how the pictures turned out and loved showing you, but what I didn't get to show you was this short video Maddie made - mainly because she hadn't edited it yet. However, she finally got it done last week, and I am super excited to show you all! It turned out so well, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!
Song: Honey and the Bee by Owl City

And Think of Me

{dress//Red Dress Shoppe :: white skirt//thrifted :: tights//We Love Colors :: belt//thrifted :: cardigan//Old Navy :: flower clip//H&M :: sunglasses//ModCloth :: boots//Blowfish Shoes}

I wore this outfit last week (I'm really behind in outfit posts). I love how pieces from indie shops are in this outfit. The dress is from The Red Dress Shoppe, the tights are from We Love Colors, the sunglasses are ModCloth and the boots are from Blowfish shoes. Score! I love wearing clothes from indie designers!

I also love how pretty my tights look with the fallen leaves. They almost seemed to match. ♥

Now listening to: Captains and Cruse Ships by Owl City

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things I Love This Week // Instagram Photos

1. Two of the little kids I baby sit. So adorable!  2. Me showing my love for Mac products (in honor of Steve Jobs) and Sherlock (for no particular reason)  3. My ModCloth sunglasses. I love these things. They go with everything!  4. Me and my youngest sister, Libby.  5. What I did after my test while waiting for the rest of the kids to finish their tests during drivers ed (I also love the Doctor).  6. I love autumn, and I love my swing.  7. A kitty cat hat my sister tried on at Target.  8. Seriously, Target? Christmas? Already?

All these pictures are from last week, but that's all I'm going to share for now, because I think I might make this a regular feature on Fridays...  What do you all think? Do you like my instagram photos enough to be bombarded with them every week?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Last Time Without Tights...

{dress//Red Dress Shoppe :: white skirt//thrifted :: belt//H&M :: socks//H&M :: flower clip//H&M :: shoes//Blowfish Shoes}

My great, great grand aunt moved into assisted living earlier this summer. Shortly after moving into her new apartment Maddie and I fount this lovely little path through a nature preserve behind her house. Since then it's become a tradition for us to go explore and take some outfit pictures every time we go visit her. These pictures are from the last time we did.

I got the belt early this spring before my trip, but the hair clip and socks I got the weekend my mom and I spent in Chicago. We stopped at the new Topshop, but it was too expensive for my taste. I could have sworn I heard some blogs raving about how affordable it is, but I must have heard wrong! I had looked online before, but I thought that was just the dollars to euros conversion, but it's not. The stuff in the store was just as expensive as the stuff online. Oh well, I'll just stick to my lovely indie designers like Red Dress Shoppe and Blowfish shoes - which suites me fine.  ♥

Caledonia // Music Monday #21

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So, this weeks's Music Monday post is Caledonia by Celtic Woman. I used to live and breath Celtic Woman (well, when I wasn't listening to Enya or the Boatrights that is - I was a huge Celtic music fanatic in my early teen years). I don't listen to it as much anymore, but sometimes I just need something calm and soothing - and Celtic Woman always fits then.

A couple weeks ago, when I was in one of said moods, I ended up re-discovering this song, and parts of it reminded me a lot of some of the things I've been going through. The line, "lost the friends that I needed loosing, found others on the way." A lot of friends I thought I'd be best friends with forever, I hardly talk to anymore/have nothing in common with anymore. At the same time, however, a lot of people I never expected to be friends with/didn't know at that time are now some of my best friends! So it all worked out. Like they say "when God closes a door He opens a window." :)