Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thrifting Thursdays - Hope Chest Haul

I decided to do this post in writing instead of a video because I figured I should explain the concept of a hope chest, since I'm assuming a lot of my readers don't know what it is.

A hope chest is a very old idea and is traditionally a chest filled with linens and other house hold things that a young woman takes with her when she is married. Among the Christian community it's fairly common for a girl to get such a chest and things to put in it for her eighteenth birthday. My family doesn't do that, however, and since I hate the experience of finding something I would love to use in my own home, but don't have a need for now, I decided to start my own. At the moment it's just being stored in a vintage suitcase that wasn't serving any real purpose, but I hope some day to get an actual chest that I can personalize and then use in my home once I move out.

Two weeks ago I did a lot of thrifting with my cousins, and got some real goodies for my chest, here's a few of the things I got:
{Corning mugs/$.33 a piece ~ plastic desert plates/$.39 a piece ~ Pyrex casserole dish/$3.50}
The Pyrex casserole dish is by far one of my favorite finds. It's so funny because just a couple days before I found it I had been reading on Miss Indie and A is for Ampersand about Pyrex (I'd never heard of it before) and then lo and behold! I find my own! It's a good thing I have a hope chest, because I never would have been able to pass it up.

What's your best find? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I use a rubber tote for my hope chest - durable & practical! :)

  2. pyrex is awesome and very collectible :) that one you picked up there is a beaut.


  3. I am addicted to Pyrex!! The patterns are so pretty and the colors so vibrant! Everytime I go thrifting I make it my mission to find more. The other day I finally found an avocado baking dish for $5. They sell on Etsy for $30 depending on condition so I bought it fast:)


    Mum has one but I want my own.

    How much was yours?

  5. My best find was a gravy boat. I was shopping in an antique mall and kept finding printed patterns in the $5-$10 range that just did not speak to me. In my mind I thought it should be plain. I eventually found one that was plain off white, just like I wanted. Even better it was priced at $.50! Sold!


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