Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I never thought I'd be a Converse kind of girl, but after watching the second season of Doctor Who my sister and I both wanted our own pairs. We managed to get her one on sale at Target before she left, but I was still Converse-less. Finally after over a month of searching my sister found a pair at a garage sale for just $.25, which was good enough to send to me. Aren't I lucky?


  1. That's cute. I like these!! You never owned a pair before????
    I'm on my 11th pair since 1992 when I first got my first pair. I don't ever buy another pair until the one I have gets holes in them or tears up a good amount (the pair I have now I bought in 2005 and it has holes in them but I just haven't bothered replacing them). hehe.

  2. Now you have to find me a red pair. I found some at Walmart, FINALLY, and they are black! How tragic is that?! Hm, I think a red pair of converses would sort of make up for my lack of red boots at this moment.
    Oh! *Light bulb* Josh Groban wears converses too!!! How cool is that?!


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