Thursday, August 4, 2011

Everyday is the start of a new adventure

I'm going out of town with my little sister tomorrow to visit our cousins for four days, and then they are coming home with us to stay at our house for nearly a week, so since I won't have much time to post then, I'm getting as many posts as I can written ahead of time. I've spent most of the day working on them, and by now I'm tired and just want to ramble for a bit.

Where has time flown? How is it possible that I - the little girl who wanted to marry a medieval ranger, who waited and planned and counted down for the renaissance faire - am now seventeen. How is possible that in just five months I'll be eighteen, when just yesterday I was turning sixteen? Or even fifteen?

The summer has vanished in flash, and I can now emerge from my air conditioned bed room and enjoy the fresh air again. On Sunday my dear friend, Christina goes back to her college, and in three weeks I'll be back in school again. My last year of school. I can't say I'm entirely dreading the start of school again. I long for crisp, cool nights, sweaters and tights and boots - and I'd like to wear make up again without it melting off my face - but I do sort of wish I had someone to share it with.


  1. Can I come?
    Okay, that camera is throwing me off. I wish it wouldn't flip everything. It confuses me.
    I love your outfit 8-D Come here and wear pants and tights right now, then I can do make up with you.
    I miss you SOOOOOOO much!
    Rangers are still cool. 8-D

  2. That dress is beautiful!
    I can't wait for cooler weather too! Thinking of tights and sweaters make me long for fall even more. It got to 110º here today. I refused to leave my house for fear of melting! So ready for summer to end!

  3. What a precious dress on you! The colors are so magnifcent...

    ...And I'm with you: I'm dreading for my (last) school year to start, but I'm quite looking forward to fall dressing. Can I have one but not the other, please? ;)

  4. Hello, what a lovely blog! So glad I found it. That dress looks so pretty on you :)
    I agree about the years tumbling by too fast! We need a bit of magic to slow them down. x


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