Monday, August 22, 2011

I Had a Date // Daily Outfit

{dress/vintage ~ shoes/Merona ~ bag/from my mom ~ sunglasses/ModCloth via my big sister}

I found this great vintage dress several months ago, but it was too hot to wear it. When my dad and little sister and I decided to go see Captain America late Wednesday night, I wanted to wear something more than the tee shirt and jeans I had lazily thrown on that morning. This dress lended itself as an east to throw on, simple to style option for the night (and worked great for the next day, as pictured). It was actually pretty funny considering this dress has a such a 40's look about it, and the movie took place during the 40's. I felt so lady-like all night. ♥


  1. Great outfit! It's as if you stepped straight out of a classic movie.
    And, I dig the red, white & blue theme. Perfect for a night out with Captain America. :)

  2. Your dress is gorgeous, I love the shape of it. Perfect vintage find <3

  3. What an absolute beauty of a find! You are the picture of perfect 1940's vintage fashion <4

  4. I wish my date wasn't in debt, he might take me to Captain America. I WANT TO SEE HOWARD STARK!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and I didn't realize the red, white, and blue till I read the first comment, that was clever!!
    Anyways, your dress is cute, but I am so envious of you getting to see Captain America I am sulking. 8-D
    Love you!

  5. I love that dress. Oh my goodness. Are those peasant sleeves?

  6. This is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to see Captain America too. I will have to wait until the DVD though. Hard to get a time out at all.


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