Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bedroom Decorations Thrifting Haul

I had so much fun doing my last thrifting haul video, that I decided to do another. This one is all the stuff I got for my room, and a couple other random things. I hope you all like it!



    Those jars would be perfect for storage shelves! In my WIP video I showed the viewers my storage shelf. About to work on a cooler one. That was merely a prototype.

    - s

  2. I. Want. That. Chair.

    I'm in love with it! I can never find great finds like that down here! It's so cute!

  3. Your voice is all...coldy.
    I WANT YOUR DESK!!! I've been wanting one like that for a few months now! Can I commandeer it when I come next? I could carry it back with I carry my heavy suitcases. In fact, I bet it is lighter then that pink one.
    Speaking of which, you know my new suitcase you all cruelly mocked? Well, Max has one just like it and it is a spy suitcase so, HA! 8-D It has an escape balloon in it.
    I miss your voice, even your coldy one. Good thing we are calling today.
    Nice jars by the way. You have a safer means of finding them then I do.
    Now, good bye, so I can call you.

    P.S. I didn't mean I am calling you Jack. There are too many Jacks about as is, can't start calling you that...
    Okay, bye for real.


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