Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Peek into my Room: Picture Jar

When I was setting up new desk I realized that I had a couple empty ball jars and a strip of pictures from a picture booth I'd done with a friend years ago that I did not have plans for. Struck with an idea I stuck the pictures in the jar - temporally. But the idea grew on me and so at long last the jar has a purpose and the pictures have a home.

What do you think? What do you girls (guys?) do with empty jars? I'd love to hear about all your great ideas!


  1. such a cute idea! I have tons of photos that need to get displayed in more fun ways ^^ I have a jar for my old jewelry and one with some coins :) x

  2. I saw a tutorial recently for turning mason jars into soap dispensers. Of course, that's not really needed for your bedroom, but lotion in one would be fun!

  3. And I love this too -

  4. Oh cute idea! I use jars in my kitchen so I guess that doesn't really help you hah.

  5. Put Pixie dust in one!!!! Oh man! I wish I had thought of that...send me some sand!!! 8-D Oh, you just HAVE to do Pixie dust 8-D Some sand and glitter, it would be perfect!
    I love the picture idea. Your brain is so smart to come up with that. It is just such a cute idea!
    Stardust...you could do stardust too!
    I can't wait to see all your other jars! 8-D


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