Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Favorites - Sparrows

I've mentioned before how much I love birds, but I never even thought of doing a Friday Favorites post on them until Heather suggested it! What would I do without her?I found this pretty wall art via Pintrest. I have no idea what they're made of, but I would love to have something like that to hang on my walls. ♥

I've wanted to do something new to the couple vintage suitcases I have collecting dust in my room for a while now, and I think this sparrow design is the perfect thing to do!
A sparrow design on my Macbook? Yes, please!

And last but not least is this tattoo. I think I my have featured it once before, but I love it so much it deserves a second visit. I just adore the idea of the birds flying out of the cage, and I love how it carries over onto the other wrist. What a cool idea!


  1. thanks for the inspiration, they are so lovely! loved the last one too! it's amazing

  2. what a beautiful collection of images :) so pretty.

  3. love that suitcase! not sure how that's done, but it looks really, really cool!


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