Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

Earlier this Spring my cousin, Molly, graduated from high school. Since she hadn't got any senior pictures earlier, we decided to get some when I visited her for her graduation party. I used a new-to-me film camera my grandpa gave me. Not all the pictures turned out as well as I was hoping, but I think that was mainly due to my inexperience with the camera and film. Makes me want a DSLR camera I can practice with daily even more. Still, I think they turned out pretty decent. ♥


  1. You are too hard on these pictures! *Hugs them* look, you made them cry! *Dries their tears* I think they are lovely. They remind me of fall...a light fog. An English countryside...THERE! That's it! That's what they remind me of, finally! I was sitting here for weeks trying to think what they reminded me of.
    An English Countryside. A nice little picnic. Throw in the Doctor and Sherlock and you are set!You and Willi would throw in some corgi's. If it is a puppy then you can throw in one of those to. A picnic basket...some cake, cheese wedges...dried bread, milk from a jar...tea from one of those mugs that keep it hot - Eral Gray. Though if you did that tea Anna and her sailors would invade...
    That's it, boys! I want a wait. I want a picnic in England. Will you join me, Emma Rose?
    Okay, now I am going. LOVE YOU!
    Your Jack

  2. I love these!! They are so cute!!! I really think they are set up so perfectly!


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