Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Instagram Photos

1. My new Spotted Moth dress for my graduation  2. I am so tempted to wear my new dress with my Converses for my grad party!  3. Packing for a weekend trip with the fam  4. Molly eating ice cream  5. Large game marinade  6. Bever puppets! So cute.  7. Game duster! Lol! When a regular ol' feather duster just won't do! :D  8. Ain't I purdy??  9. My miracle store. <3

Friday night Molly and I decided that we needed a girls night out since she’s had her drivers license for a year and we’ve yet to go anywhere just the two of us besides the thrift store or McDonalds - which isn’t a proper girl’s night out. So, of course, we decided to go to Scheels - the ultimate store for a girl’s night out! If you haven’t been there before, it’s sorta like Dicks Sporting Goods meets Bass Pro Shops, meets J.C. Penny’s, meets a museum, meets a carnival. I am not even joking. They have regular sporting goods (biking, basketball, baseball etc.) outdoors-y stuff (tents, guns, camouflage stuff, fishing stuff, kaiaking stuff, etc), designer clothes for women (Fossil, Uggs, Born, etc), wax figures of presidents, a small bowling alley, a ferris wheel (inside the building!), NASCAR simulator and a caffe with pretzels, gelato, fudge, ice cream, cinnamon rolls, etc! It was crazy and amazing, and we have a blast! Even if we did get lost in the parking lot for five minutes, lol. 

Subtle Variations of Blue // Daily Outfit

{dress//ModCloth :: tights//Xhilaration :: shoes//Blowfish Shoes :: jacket//Wet Seal :: necklace//Target :: bracelet//gift :: bag//ModCoth :: sunnies//Xhilaration}

I got this dress with the ModCloth gift card my parents gave me for my birthday, but this is the first time I've worn it. I love the colors in it, but I was afraid it was a little dressy to wear just for everyday, and I thought it made me look a bit chubby. But after wearing it for a full day I can happily say that my opinion of it has drastically changed! It looks and feels beautiful on; it's the perfect length; and I don't care if the material is a bit dressy, it's just such a happy dress to wear!

And how perfect are these tights with it? I got them at Target a couple weeks ago, and as soon as I saw them with this dress I knew it was a match made in heaven. Last autumn and winter I wore a lot of colored tights, but they were all pretty muted colors (lavender, mossy green, ect), and even though I've been super attracted to colored tights this year, I've been a bit shy of wearing them. After this pair, however, I think I'm hooked! I want a pair of bright aqua and dark teal tights next. ♥

What trends are you loving this year?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Quite Charming // Daily Outfit

{Dress//Shop Speedy Girl :: cardigan//courtesy of Conversation Pieces :: belt//thrifted ::
tights//Target :: necklace//Charming Charlie via my littlest sister :: boots//courtesy of Blowfish Shoes}

Someone told me recently that I’m “quite charming.” It’s probably the coolest compliment I’ve ever got. ♥

I wore this outfit to shooting with my dad, my uncle and my cousin, and then to my cousin’s birthday party afterward. I got this lovely cardigan in the mail a couple weeks ago from Audrey of Conversation Pieces. Isn’t it just adorable!? I love the fact that it has pockets (perfect to wear with dresses that don’t) and the bows are just too cute. Usually I go for more color than this, but I sorta loved the monochrome look - especially with my bright red lipstick.

Also, I have bangs now! What do you think??

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hot Pink Chevron // Daily Outfit

{blouse//Old Navy :: jeans//Old Navy :: necklace//Charming Charlies via my littlest sister :: boots//courtesy of Blowfish Shoes}

I found this blouse at Old Navy a couple weeks ago, and - despite the fact that it is too large - absolutely fell in love with it! Have I mentioned that I love fuchsia?

You know what else I love? These boots from Blowfish Shoes. I swear, they think they're slippers. I'm not even joking. The first week I got them I wore them every day while sitting on the couch with a blanket to do school (ah the perks of homeschool!). They're so warm and comfy I forgot I was even wearing heels.

Who needs boys when you can have shoes??

Monday, January 23, 2012

Positive Inspirations for Young Women Video

The lovely Hannah of Sleepsongs and Shadowlands emailed me last week to ask if she could mention me in a YouTube video she was planning on making about positive roll models. She was so sweet, and I have to admit I was so flattered, and of course I said yes. She just emailed me again last night to tell me that the video is now up. You all should seriously go watch it. She is so sweet and cute!

Thank you so much, Hannah. I am so honored to have been mentioned in your cool video, and you are too, too sweet! ♥

A Little Opera Goes a Long Way // Sky Sailing

What's this? A non-Owl City Music Monday?? Shocking! It does, however, still feature Adam Young. *smirk* What can I say, he's my favorite celebrity!

This song is from Adam Young's first band - Sky Sailing. Since my little sister and I now have all the Owl City songs between the two of us, I decided to look up some of his pre-Owl City work, and I'm so glad I did! This is one my favorite Adam Young songs. It's not at all techno, but it's peaceful and sweet and reminds me of the mountains for some strange reason. Although I can't for the life of me tell you what the lyrics mean... but the, that's Adam Young for you. ;)

A Girl and Her Car Dreams // Daily Outift

{dress//Red Dress Shoppe :: skirt//thrifted :: tights//Target :: boots//courtesy of Blowfish Shoes :: bag//ModCloth :: necklace//ModCloth :: jacket//Wet Seal}

Only one picture for this outfit post, due to the fact that my camera's batteries ran out. Grrr. I hate that.

I was hoping to go for a girly-meets-rocker-ish look with this, but I think it failed. I don't really, care though, because it's comprised of some of my favorite pieces in my closet. They're just me - especially the necklace. I got it on sale from ModCloth - despite it's bad reviews - and it's my favorite piece of jewelry ever. I mean, a big, gold, 1950's rockabilly car necklace?? You just can't get any cooler than that! Unless of course it be a real 1950's rockabilly car. ♥

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An Interview with Breanne Duren

(credit  Ryan Mastro)

Last month I had the pleasure of interviewing Miss Breanne Duren. As you all probably know by now I am a huge fan, and I had a blast getting to integrate her. She has the prettiest, most chic, vintage inspired style ever. Here's what she had to say about it:

Me: Would you like to tell my readers a little bit about yourself?

Breanne: I'm a singer/songwriter from Minneapolis, MN. I have been playing music and performing most of my life and have spent the past 2+ years on tour as part of the Owl City live show. I released a solo EP last spring and am currently working on a full length album!

Me: Every time I see a picture or video of you (or see in person like at the Owl City concert I had the pleasure of attending) you always look so cute! How would you describe your fashion style?

Breanne: Thank you very much! I like balancing feminine and flirty with touches of sparkle and personality.

Me: I love the vintage inspiration in your look. Do you wear lots of authentic vintage or do you stick the new, but vintage inspired stuff?

Breanne: I have a few authentic vintage pieces, but for tour I mostly wear vintage inspired clothes.

Me: Can you name three people who have influenced your style?

Breanne: Zooey Deschannel, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Joy Williams from The Civil Wars

Me: What are your favorite places to shop at?

Breanne: I love Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, and of course finding great deals at thrift stores or Nordstrom Rack! :)

Me: I once heard someone say that everyone has a signature thing (i.e red lip stick, or head bands) that everyone associates with them. I like to think that mine would be headbands or fuchsia lipstick since I love them and wear them lots. What do you wish people would think of when they think of you and your fashion style?

Breanne: My staple for performing is a cute dress. I repeatedly sport sparkles and a half-up, "poofed" hair-do!

Me: If you don’t mind me asking, are you one of those gals (like me) who who love doing their hair and make up and spend a while in the morning doing it, or are you more of the type to do the bare minimum and get on with your day?

Breanne: It depends on where I'm going! If I'm going out, I love to spend time on my hair and makeup (getting ready is half the fun!) The rest of the time, I'm usually wearing my glasses and have my hair pulled back!

Me: I always feel so happy whenever I wear teal, fuchsia pink or bright red. Do you have any colors you just love to wear?

Breanne: I LOVE cherry red! I think it looks nice with my dark hair and fair skin.

Me: Does your style in music videos or when you’re preforming differ at all from how you dress on just a regular old day?

Breanne: Definitely. I love to dress up for performances, but my everyday style is more casual.

Me: How is it different?

Breanne: I still enjoy skirts and tights for an everyday look, but I'll dress it down with a something like a sweater and rain boots.

Me: How does touring and all the packing required figure into how you dress when you’re not preforming?

Breanne: When I'm not performing, I'm dressed very casual on tour. If I'm on an all-day flight or exploring a new city (on foot!) before a show, comfortable clothes and shoes are a necessity!

Me: Speaking of touring what’s it like working with Adam Young?

Breanne: It's great! Everyone on tour is wonderful and we're like one big family. The relationships are very sibling-like.

Me: I heard you have a new full length album coming out soon? As someone who loves your EP, is there anything you can tell us about your album?

Breanne: The album will definitely branch out more, both musically and lyrically. I've learned and grown a lot over the past year and will have more time to tell my story on the full length album.

Well, I think that’s about it. :) Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all my questions! I’ve had a lot of fun getting to drill you about your absolutely lovely style. ♥

And for the rest of you can download Breanne Duren's EP, Sparks, on iTunes, watch the music video for Gold Mine and No One Else on YouTube, and keep up with what she's up to on her blog.

Thanks for taking the time to read this everyone. This was so much fun for me. See you tomorrow for with another outfit from yours truly!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Golden Birthday Party

These are just a few pictures (including a really shoddy one of my outfit) from my golden birthday party last month. It exactly as I’d dreamed it would be my whole live - gold plates, cups, napkins, table cloth and forks. The only thing that was different was that we didn’t have gold streamers, since the party supply store didn’t carry gold ones. 

As soon as I saw this cake on the ModCloth Pinterest board, I knew I wanted a bark cake for my birthday party. It took a little convincing, but eventually my mom came around and agreed to make it. She used an America's Test Kitchen recipe for the cake and frosting - since she didn't want to try to convert the original recipe into American measurements - and this recipe for the bark. Cake mix bark on a bark cake? How much more perfect do you get!?

As for my outfit, it was perfect as far as I was concerned. That dress is my LBD and one of my favorite dresses in my closet. I don’t wear it a whole lot, but I always feel like a bombshell when I do. It has box pleats on the side which I *love* and the whole thing is just so flattering. ♥
What is your favorite dress like?

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Week in Instagram Photos

1. My uncle's cake. According to him it is "not" upside down. Lol!  2. Something I adore: this album. It reminds me if dear friends far away. <3  3. My New Years resolutions.  4. New fabric + pattern!! So excited! #newdress  5. These boots think they're slippers. Sooo comfy! Thank you, @Blowfishshoes!!  6. Why do I do this to myself? #dummy  7. I think this just might be my favorite post ever. <3  8. Pretty spot in my room. <3  9. Something tells me she's comfy. <3  10. My new Smashbox lipstick! #nofilter