Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Mixtape // Music Monday

Since it is the beginning of summer, I decided that instead of sharing just one song today, I would borrow Bonnie from Flashes of Style's idea and share a select few of my all time favorite summer songs. I hope you all enjoy them. If you want to, leave a comment with one - or a few - of your favorite summer songs. I'd love to check them out! ♥

Honey and the Bee // Owl City
Way to Mandalay // Blackmore's Night
Lazy Day // Enya
Kamikaze // Owl City
Hidden Away // Josh Groban
You Belong with Me // Taylor Swift
Flora's Secret // Enya
Renaissance Faire // Blackmore's Night
Underneath the Sycamore // Death Cab for Cutie
Umbrella Beach // Owl City


  1. Remember when we roasted marshmellows over your grill, and Anna drank pickle juice?


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