Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Always a Good Time // Daily Outfit

I took these pictures with my mom's camera the day before I got mine. Then, in the excitement of getting my camera, I forgot to upload these onto my computer. Poor little pictures. Anyway, here they are now.

I got this dress from Francesca's Collections a couple months ago, and I've already worn it several times. It's just such a perfect dress! The colors are two of my favorites and the shape is perfect on me. It's just one of those dresses that makes me feel so good. ♥

My grad party is a week from Saturday and I still have so much to do! This weekend I made peanut butter cups and today my mom and I are going to Party City to get the balloons, plates, napkins and streamers. Then sometime later this week I need to bake three batches of cupcakes to freeze till the party day, and finish up some last-minute decorations. Eep! So much! Wish me luck!

  ♥ ♥ ♥       
dress: Francesca's Collections
sandals: LuLu*s
sunglasses: Target
jacket: Ebay
belt: thrifted
  necklace: Target
bag: ModCloth


  1. I love the location of your pictures, Katie! So pretty with the flowers in the background and the speed limit sign a bit behind you. It looks so lovely! And I can't wait for your party!!! <3

  2. Good luck with all your preparations. And cute dress :)

  3. Pretty,pretty,pretty! I'm a sucker for all floral dresses, hehe :D

  4. Your party sounds like fun, pity I won't be there. I'm spending that weekend with my sister...oh, wait. You know my sister, don't you? Can she come? If she can come I can come.

    Love the dress, you look good in those kinds. (Well, in lots of kinds, but those are just you.)

  5. I love that dress! The colors really are perfect. Good luck with your party preparation and have fun! :)


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