Monday, June 11, 2012

Look Back at Me // Daily Outfit

I wore this outfit on Thursday. It feels like ages ago now. Life has been so busy lately. Friday will be my last day of school, and I'm really excited to be done, but also a bit apprehensive. I thought I knew what career I wanted to get into after HS, but now I'm very unsure if that will be a good fit for me, and I'm feeling incredibly lost. I don't do well without a goal to shoot for...

In happier news, I've been really trying to get better at accessorizing lately - especially since there's very little layering to be done in the heat of summer. I picked up these two black + gold bracelets at the thrift store for less than two bucks each. Not bad, huh!? And I really love this dress. I don't know what made me think to pair it with this cardigan (that honestly doesn't really match...) but I can't help but love them together! I love the silhouette of strapless dresses even if I don't love having my shoulders bare. *winks*

Also, for any of you who don't know, the title of this post comes from one of Mr. Thornton's lines in one of the sweetest scenes of North & South. Seriously, y'all. You need to see that movie pronto. ♥

  ♥ ♥ ♥        
dress: Francesca's Collections
belt: thrifted
cardigan: from my mom
bag: ModCloth
bracelets: thrifted
sun glasses: Target


  1. I love this outfit, regardless of whether or not the cardigan actually matches!

    I have to say, every time I see one of your outfit posts, I wonder where on earth you live, your little town is so cute! (not at all like my boring one)


  2. That dress is super cute, and I think that the cardigan adds a nice touch :)

  3. Good luck on your last day of school. Enjoy it because life is at it's best.

  4. You look so pretty, always do. I like the line you picked, it makes me cry when I watch it.

    I didn't know Friday was your last day of school...makes sense.

  5. love this outfit and the colours!!! fabulous photos xxx rebecca


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