Thursday, June 21, 2012

You Say "Nerd" Like it's a Bad Thing // Daily Outfit

 "That man is playing Galaga! He thought we wouldn't notice... but we did..."
~ Tony Stark; The Avengers

These photos were taken with my new Camera, but they're not much to look at, since Maddie and Anna and I were sorta rushed. We stopped at Lush on the way to Chicago so Maddie could spend the gift card she got for birthday, and we didn't want to take a lot of time since we needed to get Anna to the train station on time. Hehe. Next time I'll do more of a proper photo shoot.

Driving to Chicago was super fun! I love driving and I love going to Chicago. Even though I missed my exit I did fine, we didn't get lost, and we got Anna on her train on time. Score!

   ♥ ♥ ♥       
T-shirt: Hot Topic
shorts: thrifted and DIYed
sunglasses: Target
shoes: garage sale via Miss Jack (thank you!)
belt: thrifted
  bracelet: thrifted


  1. I knew that tee shirt and Tony's heart thing on it. I'm glad I wasn't seeing things.

    "Is everything a joke to you?" "Funny things are."
    "How does Fury see all these screens?" "He turns." "Sounds like a lot of work."
    *Pokes Banner, looks excitedly into his eyes.* "You really do have a handle on this, don't you?"
    "I have an army!" "We have a Hulk."

    Sorry, you know me and my quotes.

    I get to ride in Rose in two weeks, or three...either, it is close 8-) I need to find a dress...

  2. I want that shirt too!! :)
    I just found your blog and been reading it a couple of days now, it's really fun to read and I really like your style! Keep up the good work :)

  3. Love the tee! Anything Avengers i pretty much awesome :D

  4. GAHHH! This is my favourite outfit post on your whole blog. Simple, sweet and Nerdy! So much love. :) The new camera is working wonders as well.

  5. I love this outfit so much!! Even though it's so casual...everything just goes together really well. I like your hair straight & the glasses look awesome, by the way. (:


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