Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vintage Mirror Jewelry Holder // A Peek into my Room

This mirror used to hang near the front door of my great, great grand aunt's house. This summer, however, we had to move her into an assisted living apartment, and most of her stuff wouldn't fit into the smaller apartment, so I got this lovely gold mirror to replace my old, ugly black one.

I don't wear a whole lot of jewelery, but I love necklaces. I started hanging them on the mirror I had before, and decided to continue it with this mirror since I think it looks so lovely. ♥

What do you think? Do you like my makeshift jewelery holder? How do you store your jewelry? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. hey, that's actually a really great way to use a curly framed mirror! I adore it :) x

  2. I hang my necklaces all over my room, and use a hand mirror from time to time. The difference between brothers and sisters, eh?
    I like your mirror. Reminds me of something...hm, like, Middle Ages. Must be the carvings.
    I like carvings...

    A Bit Unlikely,

  3. OOOOH love this mirror - would love a white one. Great idea with the necklaces. x


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