Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kaelah Bee // Style Icon

{all photos taken from Kaelah's blog, Little Chief Honey Bee}

Today I'm doing a post one one of the (many) blogging ladies that daily inspired my daily choice of clothes: Kaelah Bee. Besides being totally jealous of her adorable name, I am also incredibly jealous of her amazing collection of beautiful dresses. But even though I can't raid her closet (much as I'd love to!) she's still a constant source of inspiration and courage.

What I love most about her style is how she often manages to put so many pieces together, that shouldn't work together, in such an amazing way! I love how she can take a bold, bright, patterned dress, and - when most people would recommend pairing it with neutrals to tone down how bold it is - pair it with even more brightly colored pieces and rock it! It shouldn't work by most standards - with big hair, loud dresses, bright tights and bold shoes most people would consider it too many statement pieces to work together, but it does! And I know that "big hair" and "loud dresses" may sound terrible, but I don't mean it to. I have a deep rooted love for "big" hair and "loud" dresses - and I'm in love with how effortlessly Kaelah rocks them! It's so fun to see and so inspiring. I know I've definitely become much more bold with my choices since discovering her blog.

But what makes her blog even better is how sweet she is! I've tweeted her a couple times, as well as seeing her tweet others gals I follow on Twitter, and she is always just a kind and helpful as can be - even to little bloggers like me. :)

This post wasn't planned ahead of time - just something I decided I had to share with you all. I'll be back next week with my own outfit posts again, and a great DIY that I am so excited about. :) In the mean time hop on over to Little Chief Honey Bee and check out Kaelah's blog if you haven't already - you'll love it! 

P.S. I'm guest posting over at Laughing with Broken Eyes next week for One Week to Better Blogging. Amber just posted the schedule today and you should totally check it out! She's going to have some awesome guest posts!


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