Monday, November 21, 2011

Owl City Concert

Last night my mom, my little sister, my cousin and I got to one of the coolest concerts ever: Owl City. *screams* It. Was. Amazing! Not only do I absolutely love Owl City's music, but Adam Young is pretty awesome too - I've never thought so more than I do after seeing him last night. He seems so nice, and down-to-earth and humble - not to mention nutty.

He shared how he dropped out of college because he wasn't good at math (he couldn't "make the numbers do their magic thing), how he "tosses and turns every night wondering how he's so deserving to get to do the only thing he's really good at every day," and talked a little about how he's so nervous around girls. He also introduced Lonely Lullaby as "a song I wrote about kidney stones," but after he was finished playing he made sure to inform us that "it's not really about kidney stones." :D

And they played Fuzzy Blue lights!! *screams again* That's one of my favorite songs, but since it's on the Of June album, I didn't have any hopes that they'd play it - but they did! And Cave In, Hello Seattle, Umbrella Beach, Galaxies (pictured below), Deer in the Headlights, Vanilla Twilight, and If My Heart Was a House (all favorites of mine), and a new song called I Hope You Think of Me, which I loved!!

Seriously, I have not jumped, screamed, and clapped so much in my whole life! It was an amazing night and next time he comes nearby I want to go again! I hope you al had as awesome of a weekend as I did! And on that note I am leaving. Here's a few (dozen) more pictures of Adam, and a short (30sec) video of the beginning of Galaxies. I didn't want to spend too long filming, but the lights were soooo cool I just had to get at least a snippet of it to show you all. :D

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  1. I wish I was there. I was last time, I dreamed about it, but it was sad so it doesn't count.
    Did he do Dreams Don't Turn to Dust? I like that one lots.
    We have deer in the headlights here you know.
    A Bit Unlikely,


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