Monday, November 7, 2011

My Short Week // Instagram Photos

1. Alons-y Alonzo!   2. New favorite beauty products (Mary Kay liquid eyeliner in black and Revlon Colorburst lip stick in Fuchsia) 3. I'm all ready for the Owl City concert now! 4. I'm all ready for the Owl City concert now! 5. Petite fours from my cousin for my blog-o-versary!! <3 6. My adorable kitty! <3


  1. Love that shirt! I'm so jealous. Hope you have a good time at the concert!

  2. Do you know where, "Alons-y, Alonzo," came from? I like the shoes. I didn't know you all had a green pair.
    That was sweet of Molly to bring you chocolates, they look good. 8-)

    A Bit Unlikely,


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