Monday, October 31, 2011

Fuzzy Blue Lights // Daily Outfit

 {jeans//Old Navy :: shoes//Blowfish Shoes :: sweater//thrifted :: necklace//vintage :: coat//gift}

Sorry these pictures are so blurred - it was getting dark when I took these pictures. Aside from that, though, what do you all think of my hair!? I finally bit the bullet and got it professionally dyed. It turned out darker than I was planning on, and I sorta hope it softens up a bit, but I'd much rather have it too dark than too light, and I'm really pleased with it! Finally I can wear bold make up and have it pop again! ♥

Friday night my family and I went to our favorite pumpkin farm to get pumpkins to carve. It's a really small farm run by a family on their property literally right in front of/behind their house. It's such a lovely place to visit each autumn, and we all really look forward to it. They also have a corn maze (that we haven't got around to doing yet) and donkeys, sheep, goats, a lama, and they used to have chickens and rabbits but we didn't see them this year. I even got to pet some kid goats! They were so soft and adorable, and two of them were play fighting. It was adorable!


  1. I like your hair! The dark shade looks lovely on you. Pumpkin carving is so much fun! We did one yesterday.

  2. I want that, that one, right there. That HUGE one. Follow my finger. And I want it made into a HUGE punkin pie.
    Did you know this is the first time ever that our hair is nearly the same color? I like it, it is almost black...I think it is very pretty.
    Also, I like your outfit, it kind of reminds me of Tintin. All you need is a brown skirt or pants. Do you have reporter shoes?

    A Bit Unlikely,

  3. P.S.
    What are fuzzy blue lights? Are they lights with mold on them?

  4. aww we both got our hair dyed too dark than what we had planned. sad. Mine is getting lighter now. Hope yours will too for you! it looks nice though!!


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