Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Big Blue Sweater // Thrifting Thursdays

A few weeks ago I decided that I needed a big, oversized teal sweater in my life. I searched every online store I knew of and came up totally, and completely empty handed. Which was sad. Then, about a week later while my mom and my little sister and I were taking a quick spin through my favorite Salvation Army, what should I see hanging up with the sweaters than this beauty! It had a couple snags I fixed both of them, and now have a completely lovely sweater for only $2!

So here's my thrifting tip: if you're in a thrift store packed with stuff and don't have a lot of time to/are too lazy to slowly and carefully go through everything, keep  your eye our for patterns/colors/fabrics you like. You can go a lot faster this way, while still having some order to your search. Good luck!


  1. Cute sweater! love the colour teal. It's crazy that you're now looking for warmer clothing, it's summer here. Swapping seasons :)

  2. I just found your blog tonight. It caught my attention because of the titles being quotes from Sherlock and Dr Who (love both those shows)! But then I looked at your pictures, and read about your faith, and I have to say, I'm captivated! You seem like someone I could really be friends with. I will definitely be checking back on this blog regularly.

  3. I like that color. And it looks pretty on you, so that is doubly good.
    You should do an Amy Pond outfit with it 8-D

    A Bit Unlikely,

  4. a few weeks ago i was watching 'parenthood' and the character haddie was wearing a sweater just like that one and i was all "that is a great sweater!" congrats on an amazing two dollar find.


  5. cute sweater .;)
    +I inviting you on my blog .;)

  6. this colour is gorgeous great for fall ^^

    CMPang x


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