Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Favorites

These lovely jeans Bonnie from Flashes of Style scored.

This chess set by EldalinSkywalker. *whovian*

This lovely photo shoot Rebecca shared.

Maggie's lovely pattern-mixing outfit.

These lovely towels

♥ This hilarious blog post from Jack. I lol-ed the whole time.
♥ Elycia's new hair color.
♥ This tutorial for sewing a gathered skirt
♥ This lovely red dress of Amber Rose's.
♥ This post on staying inspired from Amanda of Here Comes the Sun
♥ This post from my cousin, Anna.
♥ Driving myself to work now that I have my drivers license (not that I need to seeing as it's two blocks away...)
 This redneck vs hipster flowchart 


  1. That chess set is AMAZING!!! The adipose are adorable!

    1. Aren't they just!? I think the adipose were one of the cutest things ever to be on Doctor Who. <3

  2. Those trousers are all so pretty! I really want floral ones for the summer this year.
    Daisy Dayz

  3. Really love rebecca's photo!

  4. i've seen so much about this floral jeans trend... i love all those! i'd totally rock the black ones :) x

  5. Aw, shucks, Katie! **does the awkward wave Mr. Collins does to Charlotte when Eliza is leaving from visiting them, from the A&E version of P&P** <-- if you just got and understood what scene that was, you are a genius!!!! ;)

    And, it's the CUTE LITTLE FAT GUYS!!!!! :D Speaking of the 'cute little fat guys', the other day I heard a commercial on the radio for a weight-loss program. It said: "The weight just FALLS off!" O.O Scary!!!


    P.S. Now I want a pair of Saddle Shoes even more!! :(

  6. I want a potato friend chess peace who will crush the life out of my worthless human form.

  7. Love that pattern mixing! And I want all those jeans in the first photo.

  8. AHHHH I saw my picture and just about jumped out of my chair! Thank you so much! That just brightened my Sunday evening of procrastinating on my homework :) You're wonderful!

    Thank you for your comments:)


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