Friday, March 9, 2012

Silk Road // Daily Outfit

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As lovely as the weather was on Tuesday, it was even nicer on Wednesday! Sixty-seven degrees, and blisteryingly windy! I loved it. Of course I couldn't miss a chance to go bare-legged for the first time, so I slipped on my Emily and Fin dress. I love this dress so much, but it always feels so dressy to me! I tried to dress it down a bit with the sandals + cardigan, and I hoped I succeeded. I just love this dress too much to have resisted wearing it in such lovely weather.

On another note, I've been super restless lately. As soon as it warms up every spring I get this sudden need for an adventure - especially traveling. I just want to jump in the car and drive somewhere! I'm so glad I have a trip to look forward to later this spring - even if it isn't until nearly summer. I desperately need an adventure and I miss my best friends so much. I just want to see them again, and talk and laugh and watch movies together - because I'm fairly certain that my friends are the best ever. True story.

Before I close this post, some of you expressed interest in seeing my shop my closet store once I got it up. I don't have everything listed yet, but I have a good six things or something... anyway, here is the link if you want to take a look.

Hope you all are having a lovely Friday so far! (My second Favorites Friday post will go up at 1pm and I'm super excited because I have some lovely things to share, so be sure to check back for that!)


  1. I love this dress girl! That Garden Dress in your Shop My Closet is too cute as well.

    Love it, Happy Weekend :)

  2. Such a cute dress! Love the vintage garden one too.

    Go on adventure!

  3. Yay for spring! It's been so warm here lately too! Though it is only in the 40's today. Spring weather makes me soo happy. I can't wait for the first warm summer rain though. :D

    Queen Flora

    p.s. I'm getting ready to sew the first seam today. <3

  4. Very lovely dress and goodness it really was very windy that day!

  5. Very pretty! You should wear it lots. Even if it is a fancy dress, there's nothing to say you can't wear it lots.
    You make me want to toss off my shoes and scramble up a tree. Or go camping. Or both, probably both. I wonder if you can shoot a bow from a tree...going to have to try that.
    A good cure for restlessness is reading an adventurous book and then acting it out. Great summer fun...especially if you no one to play spies with.

    A Bit Unlikely,

  6. Pretty, pretty dress! It's got such a mod 60's vibe. I would say you definitely achieved the dress down look you were going for. A somewhat dressy everyday look, but it's still totally counts.

    I think the feeling of wanting to travel when the weather gets good is universal! I know I also feel that way. My birthday is in just a couple weeks and I'm already planning thrifting trips way out of town. I just love getting out of town and explore different places. My eyes need a break from looking at my backyard at winter!

  7. Gorgeous dress! I love the colors, and it suits you beautifully. I've been getting that restless feeling as well. I feel like I need a big trip, or an adventure or something.

  8. You look fantastic - love the dress! I don't think it's too dressy at all - definitely the kind of thing that can be dressed up or down.


  9. Oh that's such a cute dress! So springy and fits you so well! :]]]



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