Friday, March 16, 2012

Wondering Kind // Daily Outfit

{dress/ModCloth :: shorts/thrifted :: cardigan/Francesca's Collection :: belt/H&M :: hat/H&M :: necklace/Target :: shoes/courtesy of Blowfish Shoes}

I cannot even believe it's Friday! This week was my spring break for me and my sisters, but I still had some school to get done so I can be ahead before I got on my trip in May. Despite that I still had a chance to get a lot of blogging stuff done, and I have some great posts planned for the next couple weeks that I cannot wait to show you all!!

It's been so warm here lately I've been able to go bare legged - an unusual phenomenon for in March around here. Yesterday I took the opportunity to don my favorite pair of shorts, and wear my straw hat.

This weather makes me miss Jack soooo much! It reminds me so much of the weather in Tennessee/Alabama when we went to our friend Sarah's wedding last April. I wish I was going to see Jack next month (and that the weather would be this nice when I do!) but unfortunately I'm just going to have to wait until May. The good news is that getting to be with her on her 25th birthday is worth waiting an extra month for. ;)

Do any of you have any adventures planned for this spring/summer?


  1. I love this! You look like you should be at a music festival or something.

  2. Somehow I missed that 70 degree weather you were enjoying. I remember cold wind and hurricanes I had to drive through with a cracked head. *Smirk* We need to go on another road trip so I can see the road trip song from Robots.
    I like your Doctor thing on facebook. It made me laugh but my mum didn't get it. Very sad.
    And that is all.

    A Bit Unlikely,

  3. This is quite and I really love how you have your very own style, it's very disinctive and cute, with a bit of artsy mixed in. ^_^ (I do really like how you paired all of the layers with the shorts.)

    1. Aw! Thank you so much! Your comment just made my day!

      A lot of time I feel like I don't have any style at all - that it's just sort of a hodge-podge of different things I like, so your comment made me so happy. <3 Thank you.

  4. Love the outfit cute


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