Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Favorites

Got a bit of a short one this week, on account of the fact that I wasn't on a whole lot. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

These lovely note cards.

This adorable gif image from Rebecca of The Clothes Horse

This image from Christina of The Runaway Muse

This gorgeous copy of Emma by Jane Austen!

♥ This article on personal branding
♥ The fact that ModCloth is selling a dress very similar to the dress Molly is making me for my grad gift.
♥ My new bedding and the fact that I finally found my old iPod!


  1. That gif is SOOOO cute!! Your bedding is so pretty's cute that it's so similar to your blog background. Super cute finds!

  2. You are my Friday Favorite. And your blog.

  3. Love that copy of Emma and the article on personal branding is really helpful. :)

  4. That book is really beautiful! That cover of Emma looks so modern!

  5. Aaaah you posted my picture! Thanks dearie (:

  6. Love this! Especially the gif image haha! Amazing blog, love the layout!

  7. Hi Katie! Thanks for featuring my vintage Pyrex note cards!

    -- Erin {}

    1. You're so welcome! They are adorable I am so ready to order them as soon as I can come up with an excuse to use them!! :D

  8. omgosh wow that gif is beautiful, this is such a lovely post!

    hope you'll visit back

  9. OHMYGOSH I need that copy of Emma. It's beautiful! Thank you for sharing it! :)

  10. What a fun post! That copy of Emma is a dream come true *_* hanks for sharing! :D


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