Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Favorites

Here is my second installment of Friday Favorites, and I have to say - I'm psyched! I have some really lovely things to share with you all! So without further ado:

This lovely woodburn. I love the quote (such a good life philosophy!) and the rough log look is so cool! Reminds me of the summers I spent on my aunt and uncle's ranch in Missouri.

Who could help but love this adorable mustache man!? Too cute!

This new Avengers trailer. Seriously, am I the only one super-duper-uber excited for the new Avengers movie!? I never would have expected me to be a super-hero gal, but it's just so good! (p.s I'm an Iron Man girl. Go Tony Stark!)

This super adorable faux-sweater. 

This letter on Tumblr (yes, I am one of the Snape + Lily shippers). I also got a chuckle out of this one. So true... And since when did I become a Harry Potter nerd!? To make up for it here is a link to a Lord of the Rings themed Tumblr blog (see, I am still a Ringer! I swear!)

This outfit of Kaelah Bee's. I love the color combo and the stripes + floral pairing is just perfect! ♥


  1. Love that quote! :D It makes me want to get up and do something -- like sewing your dress!

    ~Molly <3

  2. COLSON! You know, as annoying as he is...I still like him for some reason. Also, HA! I KNEW they told Tony he couldn't be an Avenger. No one believed me.
    HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHE!!! He and Thor and Steve all fight each other. I hope he and Steve become friends. It would be kind of rotten if they dislike each other all the time, since Steve did get to be friends with Howard anymore. I still miss Howard 8-(
    I'm DYING to see how Thor gets back to earth. And, Hawkeye fell off a building 8-( He's the one I want to see most I think, since he only got a tiny part in Thor. If he is all romantic I will hunt the writers down. I think the Blackwidow has that effect on chaps. I think she needs to marry the Hulk and get it over with - since it was rotten of them to not get the COOL actor who was in the last Hulk. He made me actually like the Hulk. But, I think I can forgive this one, seeing as how he saves Tony and all that. Someone had better save Hawkeye...and they SERIOUSLY need to get him a cooler bow! That thing is SO whimpy! It had better have some cool, hidden tricks or I shall morn.

    ANYWAYS....I did like your other things *Smirk* that shirt is pretty. You should get it, you look nice in blue.

    Now I am going to go away and geek out some more. Mostly about Hawkeye and Thor...

    *Wanders off*

    A Bit Unlikely,

  3. Love the mix of patterns here!

    xo Jennifer

  4. I'M A SUPERHERO NERD TOO! I'm hoping that Cap and Tony don't get along too well, cos as someone else said they start a civil war. I'm dead excited for the movie, the most out of anyone I know! It's okay to be a comic book fan, it's cool at the moment. Revel in it while you can. I'm not that excited about the amazing spiderman though! Firstly, no Mary Jane. Lame. Secondly, Peter Parker sells his marriage to MJ to the devil, to save his MILLION YEAR OLD AUNT. So they wrote MJ out of the timeline. Lame. I can't take Spiderman seriously anymore.

    Haha I'm a Harry Potter fan too, but I'll always be a James and Lily girl. I love reading your blog, we're so similar!

  5. Loving all those things :)


  6. That mustache man pillow cracks me up!


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