Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend consisted mostly of:
lots of food
lovely views
thick fog

What was your weekend like?


  1. Looks like a great weekend! I'm craving some Dunkin' Donuts now. And is that potato salad? *stomach grumble*

  2. My weekend was busy (in the best of ways). There was Chai tea, rain, long drives, an art museum, a church event with good food and good testimonies, good conversations, and lots of laughter...all in all, it was pretty wonderful, I'd say. :) Looks like you had a good one, too. :)

  3. all i ever do is drive as well, i swear! so i appreciate others who drive a lot. and that sandwich looks yummy!

    <3 katherine

  4. i miss fog. it used to get so thick when i lived by the ocean in santa cruz.


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