Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fighting Dragons // Daily Outfit

{skirt/made by me :: sweater/courtesy of Conversation Pieces :: shoes/ModCloth :: purse/ModCloth belt/courtesy of Conversation Pieces :: makeup/this tutorial

I finally got my So Choice Wedges in the mail today! I originally got them last week, but the size nines were too small (so weird - I'm always a nine!) so I had to return them, and then I snatched up the last size 10 after someone returned them! I'm sooo happy with them! My summer wardrobe has been seriously needing a pair of black wedges, and I love the alternating bows. Tomorrow I might wear them with the bright green ones. So fun. ♥

So how's everyone doing? I'm dealing with some dramma lately, but I know I'm going to get through it, and other than that I'm generally in a really good mood. I've had to make some difficult decisions lately, but I'm confident I've done the right thing; I feel so much more independent now that I can drive; and I'm so excited to graduate this year! Basically, life is pretty good right now.

Hope you all are having a lovely day. 


  1. Jealous of your gorgeous outfit, I love that shade of blue! :)

  2. your hair looks really beautiful in the sunlight :)

  3. oooh girrl, lookin' good! i love that skirt (it matches your blog background!), and the little doggie belt is so cute. xx

  4. I seriously ADORE that close-up of your face (next-to-last photo). I take it you're still using your mom's DSLR?

  5. Your style is amazing, I really love that skirt! And your blog is really beautiful(:

  6. I am obsessed with your high waisted skirt! It such a cute look on you! The color scheme of the outfit is so dainty and pretty. <3

  7. This outfit makes me think of Hiccup...because you mentioned dragons in the title, because I'm reading a book with a Hiccup type character in it and because I'm listening to Forbidden Friendship - the title of which always makes me think of books I used to read when I was younger...I doubt Hiccup would wear this though...maybe Astrid. You never did do a Hiccup outfit with your Hiccup boots by the way.
    Nice shoes, they look fun. Especially if you can change the bows. That sounds cool.
    My boots don't have bows.

    A Bit Unlikely

  8. Well, first off, good luck with whats going on in your life, best wishes!
    Second, I love your sunglasses! ^_^ They are so fun and look so pretty on you and your belt is far too adorable.

  9. That belt is awesome, got to love those one of a kind finds!

  10. Amazing outfit and color is so cool. Loving that floral skirt and belt. You really look awesome.

  11. Why are you so cute? I love this outfit.

    1. Aw!! Thank you so much! That's one of the sweetest comments I've ever got! <3


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