Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Staples

I put this outfit together after seeing this lovely outfit by Bonnie of Flashes of Style. I loved the easy-breezy summer look of her outfit, and decided to mimic it in my own outfit.
I loved the simplicity of this outfit, and how flowy the top felt (I decided to belt it since it's too big and didn't look very good left loose). I also loved the sunglasses, organish-tinted lip stick, and canvas bag - they felt so summery I think they should become summer staples for me.
{blouse/Ebay ~ shorts/thrifted ~ belt/Charlotte Russe ~ canvas bag/Etsy ~ ballet flats/H&M ~ sunglasses/Xhilaration}

Sorry this post is so late - the internet was out most of the day. So annoying. I've never noticed just how pathetic I really am till the internet was out and I felt like I had nothing to do. :-P

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  1. Yay! I'm the first to comment :) I really really like this outfit!! Who knew that you'd get so much use out of that chemise? ;) It's very romantic with a cute summer flounce to it. :D I love it! You always come up with the cutest styles, Katie!

    Sending you my love, I miss you as always, <3 <3 <3 <3

    ~Flora Queen of Hanaskea, your "cousin", and bff <3

  2. This post made me feel so wonderfully springlike! Whimsical and romantic x

  3. The blouse is so romantic and really suits you Miss Katie!
    Lots of Love, Hannah

  4. I'm always so inspired when I see ladies take a pair of jean shorts & create a completely romantic and sweet outfit around them...just like you did. I really need to learn how to do this. I just love everything about this outfit from the flawy top to the quite awesome sunglasses. Your photos are always so dreamy looking as well:) xx

  5. Flashes of Style is one of my favorite blogs, and you immaluated her perfectly. I just adore this easy, romantic outfit!

  6. I like this. I like the lace, I like lace 8-D It is a very very very cute outfit!!! Very summery!

  7. I love the outfit!
    What lip color are you wearing? I've been searching for something with an orange shade for the longest time and can't find a flattering one.

  8. love that bag so much! cute outfit, perfect for summer


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