Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Didn't Know Love Could Shine This Bright

I don't usually like straight skirts (the last time I owned a straight skirt was two years ago and I only wore it once) but for some reason I love this one. I love the shape, color and length and I love that feel like Pepper Potts from Iron Man 1 and 2 when I wear it. I can tell I will be wearing it a lot more! The past few weeks I have done so much thrifting! I was going through my closet a couple days ago and realized I have at least nine pieces of clothes that I have yet to wear! Some of which I haven't worn because I forgot about them! So, I am now making a conscious effort to wear them all. I can't wait to show you all the great finds I got!Also, I just want to take a minute to thank all my amazing readers! I have had such wonderful feed back on my last posts, and it warms my heart that so many people who have yet to even meet me would have such sweet things to say about me, such compassionate consolations, and such good advice. You girls (guys?) are awesome!
{skirt/thrifted ~ shirt/Charlotte Russe ~ shoes/Merona ~ hat/H&M ~ necklace/F21 via my little sister}

One last thing: yesterday I got 25 followers on my FaceBook page! Thank you so much to everyone who fanned it (even my "brother"!). So to celebrate, and to thank all the awesome people who fanned it, I am having a giveaway over there at the end of the week. So stay tuned! I will also have a bigger giveaway here on the blog as soon as I get 100 followers - that's only seven away, so tell all your friends to follow, and it'll be here before you know it!


  1. Your little boater hat is just perfection <3

  2. I'm number 26 on facebook! I'm already a follower on here though, so I can't bump up the number anymore.

    Love the skirt - it looks great on you!

  3. This my first time on your blog and I'm in love! The layout is adorable, your hat is super cute, and I'm digging all the references to Robert Downey Jr movies... sigh. Just liked the page for ya! :)

  4. Straight skirts normally scare me away too, but I'm with you on how flattering this one looks on you!

    Congrats on reaching 26 followers! I'll have to hop on and stalk down your page <3


  5. Your hair is sooo pretty, Katie! :)I love that skirt, too. It is really cute!! <3

    Love you, and miss you!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Your fellow thrift-store shopper and friend,

  6. so cute, everything just comes together so perfectly. good job.
    Pretty Birdie Brown

  7. So, I tried to think of some grand comment that was equal with this post and can come up with nothing. You are amazing, DLS, do you know that? This is very cute and lovely and ladylike...I really don't know how you do it.
    Keep it up! I cannot wait to see the one you showed me today. It reminded me of Nate.
    Love always,

  8. If Pepper Pots ever had a day off, I could see her in this outfit!!!


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