Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Favorites - Etsy

I know I'm late to this party, but I have seriously been loving Etsy lately. These are just a few of the gems I've found on it. <3
Isn't this just a darling necklace??
This dress is designed by the lovely Jennifer Lilly. I am so in love with all her dresses. They are so elegant, and girly and light and perfect for summer! I want one desperately
A perfectly mod, vintage pattern
Fabric that is much prettier than anything I can find at Joann Fabrics - and for the same price!


  1. That is a cute post. I like that necklace, makes me think of a million nice things 8-)
    Wouldn't the pattern be fun to have and make?!
    Thanks for sharing, DLS! 8-D

  2. these are all so beautiful, i love each and every one of them...espeically the necklace and the fabric. oh and the dolls are the cutest too!

  3. That floral dress is just the sweetest, and that minature tea cup is too darn cute... Sigh, to stop myself from wanting everything from Etsy, I just don't look!

  4. what a lovely etsy finds! Etsy is a jewelry heaven and avintage treasury! x

  5. That tea cup necklace is adorable! :) I love the print of the dress and the style, it is so lovely. You know who has good fabric? Hobby Lobby. It's my favorite place to buy fabric now. Do you have a hobby lobby near you? If not, you could pick some fabric up when you come.

    I miss you lots, dear Katie, but I'm so glad you get to see your big sister soon!! :D

    Love you lots! <3 <3 *hugs*


  6. Ahhh! Those floral prints are so gorgeous! And I love that little tea cup necklace. :) I wish I wasnt such a busy bee and I spent some time to make dresses/necklaces. :P

  7. What a gorgeous dress! And I love the little tea cup necklace!


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