Friday, June 17, 2011

Was it Love at First Sight?

I have a really sweet love story to share in this post: several months ago I was perusing the ModCloth Newest Arrivals page (as I do often) and I saw this cardigan. My heart went "THUMP THUMP THUMP!" as I admired the simple cable knit, and cute, mismatched gold buttons. "I have to have that sweater!" my mind reasoned, but, alas, my budget held a firm "no." There was no way I could afford a $70 sweater, it (truthfully) argued. It seemed a thwarted love doomed to failure until one day, a few weeks later, when I got an email announcing the ModCloth Cabin Fever sale. I dashed over to check it out - with no thought that anything I had been coveting would be in it - and there it was! My love! "My" cardigan! I snapped that baby up just as soon as my pay check was cashed, and got it in the mail several days later. Hooray for sales, the saver of lost loves!

These pictures were taken at two different locations, since I took some pictures in my neighborhood in the early afternoon in case it was raining by the time I got to go on a proper photo shoot. I liked some of the first pictures so much I used them anyway!
Edit: I took so many pictures that I liked that I couldn't put them all in this post, so I put them all into their own set on Flickr so you could see them if you wanted to. <3

{cardigan/ModCloth ~ blouse/thrifted ~ shorts/thrifted ~ necklace/homemade ~ shoes/Rue21 ~ sunglasses/Xhilaration ~ canvas bag/Etsy}

Did anyone notice the different style of my pictures this time? After looking at lots of other blogs for ideas on how to style my posts, I finally decided to put the outfit details under the last picture instead of at a list at the bottom (since it looks better with my signature, which I love), to only use landscape shots (thanks for the inspiration, Elizabeth!) and to add a slightly vintage look to the pictures (like Elanor does). What do you all think?


  1. I love the new look for your blog! It's totally you:D Cute and adorable *smile*

    I love your necklace! So pretty:)

    I really like where you got your pictures taken:D It's super pretty!

    As always, have a wonderful day, Katie!

  2. I love these pictures! Especially the third from last one. The vintage effect is definitely a success (:

  3. This is great!! Love your pretty look too. How fab that you found your cardigan on sale too! I hope that Modcloth does this sale again:)

  4. This outfit is precious!! I'm a huge cardigan lover myself and I swear this must be the cutest one I've ever seen. Those mismatched buttons are brilliant. You look gorgeous. I adore everything here including your hair. Have a lovely weekend!! xx Marisa

  5. I love that cardigan.... I think I vaguely remember seeing it, but wisely avoided Modcloth during the sales. It looks awesome, and I love the extra quirk on the mustache bag.

    I like the landscape photos, though I confess I'd never noticed before that Elizabeth does that. My only issue with landscape photos myself is that you can't really get them big enough to show a whole outfit in detail. But I may have to try this myself!

  6. Well great job on the buy!!! You look great in this outfit. Yey for longer shorts too!


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