Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It Could Stay This Simple

I was lazy yesterday. I didn't do my hair and just pulled my hair back into a pony tail. Despite that, I think the outfit looked pretty good (my mom let me borrow her shoes again).
I've felt so restless lately. I feel like the time is soon coming for me to try my wings. I know this sounds terribly rebellious, but I don't mean it to. I just mean that I feel like God has some big change planned for me after I graduate. I don't know what it could be, but I want to prepare myself as much as I can for whatever is coming - that means less spending, more saving, and more learning the things I will need in life no matter what happens (i.e. cooking). I can't wait to see what He has in store for me.{skirt/thrifted ~ tank top/thrifted ~ cardigan/merona ~ wedges/xhilaration (borrowed from my mom) necklace/homemade ~ canvas bag/Etsy}


  1. All of your clothes are so delicately beautiful....<3

  2. Love that last picture! Beautiful. <3
    - s

  3. Oh Katie! Was that the long green skirt you've had for a while? It is really cute this length! I love this outfit, it is really girly and delicate, and romantic. You know what I mean by that. Not by the meaning of GOOD ;D

    I love how you've been posting so much recently -- it always makes me happy. Especially right now. :) *hugs*

    I love you and miss you!! Keep posting. Seeing new pictures of you and your outfits makes it a little bit as if you were here with me. :)

    *hugs then twirls away*

    ~Flora of Hanaskea

  4. Holy cow that skirt is absolutely beautiful on you <3

    I'm crossing my fingers for you that what ever God sends your way that you'll be able to give it your all and succeed! Post graduation is always a scary time, but you'll get through it :)


  5. You look pretty in glasses. Are they prescription?

  6. That shirt is so darling and i love you moms shoes ( means she has great taste!). where exactly did u get that mustache bag?

    I have to say that your pictures always come out beautiful! keep up the posts!

  7. So...where to start...hmmmm...
    I like how you did the sweeter. I think that is a VERY cute idea. Oh, and the shoes are cute too. And I like the skirt 8-D I like it all, how's that?
    Your hair looks nice in a pony tail. And it goes good with this outfit.
    I miss you, I cannot wait to see you...or for adventures to start next fall. We need to look into some things you know 8-D
    There, I was mysterious.
    Love you, DLS!

  8. Your skirt is so gorgeous, and so ladylike! I feel much like you, fast forward 3 years, it's really inspiring to see your faith though, lets me know I am not alone in it!


    Twitter - @ishrattrishna

  9. Your outfit is very pretty! I love that floral skirt and how it matches so well with your shoes. I also love how you tied up your cardigan instead of buttoning it. It looks more unique that way. :)

    -Gayle (Pemberley Rose)

  10. I'm sure God has a big plan for everyone, but sometimes we don't ever realize what it is unless we open up to it. I pray that you will be willing to do whatever God has in store for you. I love this outfit and you look lovely even with a pony tail!!!


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