Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thursday Night Fun

Thursday night my friend Christina and I, and our little sisters went to the mall. Here are some pictures from all the fun:
Christina driving.
We went to Forever 21. This was a pretty necklace I saw. I tried on a maxi dress, and got a couple pictures of how I dressed up my outfit:Christina tried on a raccoon hat. We just had to get a picture!
Christina's new ring.
From top to bottom and left to right: Caroline, Maddie, and Caroline.
I think I would have traded my dog for this puppy at the pet store. <3


  1. This dress is gorgeous! how amazing you made it yourself! I hope you can come to peace with yourself soon :)
    Loves x

  2. Man! Why y'all go these places without me?

  3. Meeny! I like our dog! :(


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