Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm Craving A Boho-Romantic Style

I was so proud of myself for being so ahead of the ball this spring. I researched the trends ahead of time, and when the spring weather came I had all the clothes I needed for a fabulous spring! I was so proud! And then summer came. Over night. And I have virtually no summer clothes. I have one pair of shorts, and very few nice tee shirts. But there is no fighting this weather. It is getting hot, and fast! I need summer clothes quickly. So I've started brainstorming about what I'd like to be wearing this summer, and found a lot of inspiration from the newest Thredsence look book.
I'm not usually a boho sort of girl, but this summer I'm really liking it. I don't know if it's because my college friend (who has a very boho style) is back for the summer and she's rubbing off on me, or if it's just the weather and the fact that I need to find some light layers that will be tolerable in the hot summer weather. Whatever the reason, though, I'm craving some more boho in my very romantic style. Something like this denim jacket would be perfect.

I love these lose dresses paired with light layers. I especially love the crochet cardigans and oxfords, and makes me very glad I got a pair of oxfords earlier this spring.

Another idea I love is the idea of lose, flowing tops tucked into shorts or knee length, a-line skirts. I couldn't find any pictures of a loose top with an a-line skirt, but I did find this cute picture of a loose top with shorts in the ModCloth lookbook (notice the oxfords).


  1. These images are just SO romantic, beautiful, and inspiring... Romantic, girly clothing is my favorite and I'm just in love with that threadsense lookbook. Gahh, I just crave everything!

  2. I'm loving boho-romantic too right now. I having been searching high and low for the perfect crochet sweater similar to the one in your picture. I also believe floppy hats are the best thing since sliced bread...hehe.

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog. ♥

    These are such inspirational photos!

    And you look adorable in all your outfit shoes. :)

    The Cat Hag

  4. I love all these looks so much and I can imagine you pulling off any of them. I'm glad it's summer...but I'm not ready either!

  5. I have been after a crochet top like that for ages and can't find one!

  6. very nice pictures :)
    i like your outfit a lot
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  7. Love the pictures! Cute styles:O

  8. oooh loving this pretty boho influence and I can't wait to see how you incorporate into your spring/summer looks. xx veronika

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  10. I love, love, love, all the boho stuff that's out there right now too! Threadsense and Ruche are my two new favorite sites to shop these days.
    Hey thanks for adding me to your blogroll, that was nice ;)
    can't wait to read more of your adventures,
    stacie @ Pretty Birdie Brown


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