Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Favorites - Elsiecake's Beautiful Wedding!

I recently found Elsiecake's blog - just in time to see her wedding photos! I have seriously fallen in love with her gorgeous wedding! I love how unique and crafty her wedding was (she made so much of the stuff for it!) and how adorable she looked in such a chic dress! I also think it is so cute how she calls her husband "Mr. Larson" on her blog. Adorable! And even though I don't plan to be married anytime soon, I'm still sure I will end up coming back to her photos for inspiration when my big day comes! Here are some of my favorite of her photos:All photos Copyrighted to Elsiecakes. Used with permission.

You can read all about her beautiful day for yourself here:

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  1. This is how I want my wedding to be someday...Quirky and different. I want it to be a depiction of who I am, and I want my guests to be able to walk away and say "that wedding was so perfect for Lauren." Thanks for this inspiration.


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