Monday, January 24, 2011

In an English Country Garden

beautifully pure personal style modest fashion katie dahl red dress shoppe milly dressbeautifully pure personal style modest fashion katie dahl red dress shoppe milly dress
beautifully pure personal style modest fashion katie dahl red dress shoppe milly dress

(I actually wore this dress on Friday, but I wasn't able to get good pictures that day, so I got pictures on Saturday and am posting them now.) I ordered this dress last week end, and got it early last week. I measured wrong, and it ended up being a lot shorter than I had planned on. Modesty aside, it looked ridiculous on me. I looked like Shirley Temple - and my curly hair didn't help any. But I didn't mind since I love the way it looks layered over this white eyelit skirt I have. (Sorry it looks weird here, the skirt is too big and too long so I have to pin it but it was coming down and I didn't notice till just now) The pairing is so light and feminine, and I felt like I ought to be going to a proper English tea in an English country garden.

So I've mentioned before that I'm going to a wedding in April. I'm driving to Alabama with my best friend, Heather, and her mother. Originally they were going to pick me up, but they realized how far out of the way that is, so on Friday Mrs. Knisley called my mom to talk about the trip. Long story short I get to fly out to Wyoming (my first time on a plane in 14 years!) and stay with Heather and her family for a couple days before driving to Alabama. I am psyched - to say the least.

I've known Heather for three years, and we've been so close for so long, but since we live so far apart we're not able to see each other for more than a couple weeks a year - so seeing her is enough reason in itself to be very excited! But I've yet to visit her, or meet any of her family, so that is even more reason to be excited! I've been able to talk to some of her family online (ya gotta love FaceBook, right?) and I like them lots already. I can't wait to meet them in real life. *bounces like a little girl*

Oh, and this dress is so coming to Wyoming with me... <3

White Skirt - Merona
Tights - Simply Vera
Belt - Charlotte Russe
Silk Flower - Charlotte Russe
Jacket - Wet Seal
Ankle Boots - Xhilaration
Purse - Mulberry for Target


  1. this is my modest inspiration of the day here: - I love how you made this MODEST and it is quite lovely on you!! Thanks for sharing it. Keep up the beautiful work. I hate when dresses are shorter than you plan on them to be. It is quite horrid and has happened to me as well.
    This will also be featured on my own blog this weekend.
    I've never been on a plane and I'm 27 eek!!

  2. LOVE this dress. And that purse is amazing. You're so pretty!

  3. beautiful outfit

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  4. Very pretty dress! I'm interested in what the modest cut-off length is, because I wouldn't consider the orignial length of that dress to be particularly revealing. Certainly not with tights. Anyway, I also like your belt!

  5. I love this dress, really puts one in the mood for afternoon tea and scones....the underskirt is really pretty too, scalloped edges how gorgeous.

    Your trip sounds exciting, my best friend and I live in two different continents, so when I get to see her after two three years it is very sweet. :)


    Tashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

  6. What an amazingly beautiful dress, love it belted and that white scalloped under layer is so gorg! :-)


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