Thursday, January 20, 2011

60's MakeUp Tutorial

Amber from Laughing with Broken eyes was asking for a tutorial on doing 1960's inspired make up last week, so - since I've been wanting to do a make up tutorial for a while, and since I know how to do 1960's make up pretty well - I said I'd make one for her.

Foundation: Women in the 1960's wore little to no foundation, so I only applied foundation to my eye lids and lips to help the eyeshadow and lipstick stick, as well as a couple red spots I felt the need to cover up. Before lightly brushing on some powder foundation.

Eyeshadow: Think think bright, think vibrant, think neon colors. Cover the lid from corner to corner, but not above the lid.

Eyeliner: Using black liquid liner or black eyeshadow with an angle brush, line your upper lid starting at the inner corner. At the middle of your eyelid begin to thicken the line and work it into a cat eye at the outer corner.

Eyelashes: You can use false eyelashes if you like, but I prefer to just curl my own eyelashes and put a couple coats of black mascara on.

Lips: Nude lips were in during the 60's, so you can use a sheer lip gloss if you like. I'm not really a lip gloss girl, so I used a light lipstick instead.

Ta da!!! Now go out and look lovely in your 60's look!

Modified Version: For myself, I wanted something a little more modern, so I softened the eyeshadow by putting a light, sparkly eyeshadow over the purple, smudged the bottom eyeliner more and put a brighter pink lipstick on.


  1. Gorgeous! It'll be a challenge to not wear a red lip, but I think I can do it. :)

  2. You shall be ashamed of me now 8-D I forgot what all those makeup names stand for.
    It is pretty though, you did a good job. And I learned something new - I didn't know they didn't like bright lipstick in the 60s, I thought they did 8-D


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