Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wish List Wednesday - Bracelets

This wish list Wednesday is about something I don't own enough of: bracelets.

Time After Time Bracelet
Who could help but loving this beautiful, antique-styled watch bracelet? It's sure to add vintage charm to any outfit! <3>

Stud-dy as She Bows
I'm a big fan of anything black and bows - together they are absolute perfection. Especially an edgy one like this!

MP3 Accessory Bracelet
If you've ever seen me in real life you know that I never go anywhere without my iPod and head phones, so of course I just fell in love with this bracelet - it's even gold! It's like it was made for me!
Luxe Stretch Bracelet
As you know, I am trying to wear more colors, and what better way to do it than with this stunning bracelets?? I just love the purple and blue on it. <3>
Faceted Swirl Solid Bangle
I heard that big bangles are going to be a trend this spring. I am excited. I love bangles - despite the fact that I don't own any. Hmm... maybe it's time I break that trend. Plus, plastic won't irritated my contact dermatitis (nickle allergies).

So, that's the round-up for this week! I hope you all enjoyed it!


  1. Love the watch bracelet, i want it :D so much prettier than wearing a normal watch! xxx

  2. That MP3 bracelet is awesome! How do you find these amazing things?


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