Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"You're Not Human!"

beautifully pure katie dahl personal style modest fashion
I decided to wear one of the outfits I wore over the week end again today, since I couldn't get very good pictures the first time. I like this outfit lots. It reminds me of this outfit of Demi Lovato's.

Really sorry I didn't post earlier today. I'll be sure to do better tomorrow.

Edit: I knew I forgot to mention something. (I'll blame it on a lack of sleep). I got this dress from The Bee's Knees because I just could not pass up the cute silhouette and neckline - despite the fact that it's too short. I was going to have some other fabric added to the end of it, but it looked so nice with my white and black houndstooth skirt under it, I decided to just leave it as is and layer it over the skirt when I wear it. ;-)

Outfit Details:
Skirt - Thrifted
Dress - The Bees Knees
Leather Jacket - Wet Seal
Purse - Mulberry for Target
Boots - Charlotte Russe
Tights - Merona


  1. Red. A red dress...Hm. You know my used to be dislike of red, but I must say even if I hadn't reformed I would love this one. I like how you layered it with the black and white one under it, that is a cleaver idea.
    And don't worry, you are WAY too pretty to ever be mistaken for a Callun. or however you spell Edward's name.
    And yes, do post more tomorrow, it is no fun haunting your blog all day and finding nothing, my dear Watson. Now, shall I ask you to pick up some milk before I go? 8-D

  2. Hey, Katie! So sorry I haven't been commenting but my internet is foolish. Anyway, I love your outfit posts, and the photography is great :) Also, I adore your bathing suit, from two posts back. It's brilliant. Where did you get it?
    PS - the red dress is so pretty! I love the neckline.

  3. Checks on checks! My favourite combination (pretty much scuppered by my lack of checks). It looks great! And it drives me crazy that dresses are so short these days; I don't know how a person is supposed to wear them...


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