Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Katie's Three Favorite Spring 2011 Trends

I always look forward to spring. I'm not really a winter girl. I like the cold and snow for about one month - by the middle of January I am so ready for spring. This year, however, I have even more of a reason to be excited for spring.

In April I get to drive down to Alabama with my best friend, Heather, and her mother for a mutual friend's wedding. I am so excited. Besides being very happy for my friend, the prospect of traveling down south for the first time, with my best friend, and getting to meet her mother is very exciting. This will also be the first time I've ever taken a trip without my parents - which makes me feel very grown up.

Then in May my mother and I are going to spend a week end in Chicago. She promised two years ago to take me on a trip for my sixteenth birthday, but, owing to my indecision on where to go, we're only just now beginning to plan it. We are going to take the train into Chicago, stay in a nice hotel, stay up late, sleep in late, and do lots of shopping at little vintage/thrift/indie stores. We are also going to attend the Indie Designer Street Market - a fact which has me wishing I'd learned to do cartwheels. Seriously - look at the web site.

I am so excited I am already planning what I will pack for both trips - which of course has me anxiously looking forward to the spring fashions. So, in honor of this expectant wait I give you:

Katie's Top Three Favorite Spring 2011 Trends.

I have always disliked denim for anything but jeans with a passion. I guess living through the seven-tenths of the 90's will do that to you. The past year however, I've excepted it much more. And after finding the most adorable pair of shoes for with my only denim dress, I have completely forgiven it and am ready to possibly get more (my mother always did say that blue looks good on me).

Wide Legged Pants:
Last summer I snagged a pair of high waisted, wide legged pants from Forever 21 one $7 on clearance. Once I got them home I found they did not fit as well as I had thought, but I couldn't exchange them since they were clearance, and for some (bizarre) reason Plato's Closet wouldn't by them. After a few weeks of exercising and eating healthy, however, I found that they fit very nicely, and I am very eager to try them out this spring/summer. (I even found out that the Elizabethan chemise I wear to the renaissance faire looks very nice with them.)

50's/60's Dresses:
I have always loved the 1950's styles. Since the first moment I saw Rosemary Clooney and Vira Ellen preform Sisters in White Christmas I have loved the big, poofy, swirly skirts/dresses of the 1950's. So a revival of those is sure to make me jump for joy. I am already planning on wearing my 1950's polka dot dress lots this spring and summer. <3>


  1. ohmigoodnessgracious the street fair looks sooo cool! You're so lucky!
    Also we are very much alike, my friend, because high-waisted jeans are the bomb and so are Renaissance fairs :) Can't wait to see how you're going to wear the 70s pants!


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