Monday, January 31, 2011

"Let Us Not Say Goodbye, but as the French Say, 'Au Revoir'"

Ok, yeah, enough with the drama. I am not leaving, just taking a break, so to speak.

To put it plainer, here's the deal: my goal has been to post twice a day, an outfit post, and something else. I planned on writing the "something else" ahead of time, and posting the outfit posts the day I wear them. This hasn't worked out so well, and I've ended up writing the "something else" the day of and not posting the outfit post till late at night. So I'm taking this week off from posting so I can write posts for next week (and then next week I can write the posts for the next and so on and so forth). Isn't that smart? *grins*

Also, starting next week I will not be doing an outfit post a day. I think my goal will be somewhere between 2-4 per week - but if I'm really inspired there may be weeks that I post five. The point is, they may not be on such a strict schedule, but they will be better, and that makes up for it, right?

So... that's it. This week will be very dull, but I know next week is going to be great! And it will include my 100th post! Yay me!

One last thing, Victoria of Justice Pirate featured my In An English Country Garden outfit on her blog this week end. Check it out.


  1. Wow, Katie, that's an insane schedule! You should definitely take time off...

    I think I was posting five a week briefly during the summer, but only because I had an enormous backlog of pictures to get through. In general, I think quality over quantity is a good thing. That way, you won't burn yourself out!

  2. Yes, this sounds very smart! I am all for quality over quantity any day. I myself post 2 outfits per week. And I am now looking to introduce a 3rd article/alternate with a giveaway. I too write my articles ahead of time so that I am not scrounging for ideas at the last minute.

    See you next week, enjoy the breaky. ;-) veronika

  3. Wow. You're on one ambitious posting schedule :)

    I used to only post once a week but over the winter I wanted to keep busy so I usually do a post every other day now. That 's quite time consuming but I can't imagine what it would take to do two posts a day!

    Have a great week :)

  4. Whoa, two posts a day is INTENSE! Don't take on too much and get burnt out now, that we couldn't handle :/

    Good luck getting the writing in order!!

  5. that is a lot of posting! hope it goes well. I try to not post too often but that is probably because I have about 300+ blogs to go through every day that I feel I wouldn't want to add to overloading people's read list!!!

  6. I can definitely relate. I think the most outfit posting I have done in a week was 4, and it was a struggle. It's silly because I wear clothes everyday, but work and weather can just get in the way so easily. Enjoy your break.


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