Thursday, January 6, 2011

Parisian Time Traveler

This jacket reminds me of something French. With it I paired it with 60's inspired make up featuring thick, black eye liner; retro, 1970's inspired shades; and a hat fit to be in the roaring twenties - hence "time traveler."

These pictures are not the best, but I don't hate them. I must say, though I with FedEx trucks would only put on their turn signals if they are actually planning on turning so little girls having photo shoots in the middle of the road will know to get out of the way. >.<>

Outfit Details:
Jeans - So...
Jacket - Wrapper
Boots - Charlotte Russe
Hat - Merona
Pures - Mulberry by Target
Belt - Charlotte Russe
Flower - Charlotte Ruse
Sunglasses - Forever 21 co/ my big sis
Locket - Plato's Closet


  1. Okay - I'm just going to do one big comment on this post, but: your photoshoots are amazing! They're all soooo pretty and your outfits are gorgeous. I love them all.

  2. Hey :)
    I love your blog and I've included you in my 'spotlight on...' new bloggers post this week! Check it out on my blog.

  3. Crazy UPS- I remember reading about that on your twitter!

    Anyhow, I adore positively everything about this look (I think we have the same hat!). You look like you could be in a 60s music video!!! (In the best possible way)

    Best Wishes,

  4. This outfit is wonderful and the photos are brill :) xx

  5. lovely photographs and backdrop!

    came from Alfred's blog.

  6. I love this outfit! The coat is really cute!

  7. This outfit has to be my most favorite of yours. Recently you have been thinking really out of the box with your shots and it shows. :)

    BTW how did you do your header and the tabs buttons? I love them so much. :)

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Canada

  8. Your photos just get better and better all the time. I love these pictures in the street. Your coat is adorable too!


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