Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wish List Wednesday - ModCloth Tees

Tee Act of 2010:
I'm a history geek, and i especially love the Revolutionary War. Pair it with cute illustrations of dogs, and you've got me hooked. <3

Plant the Seeds of Kindness Top:
I love tee shirts with colorful illustrations - they form a good base for any outfit. Just imagine this one with skinny jeans and a green blazer. So chic!

I Love Unicorn Tee:
It's pink, and has a pretty pony on it. Need I say more?

Arctic Circle Top:
This one totally has me thinking of the Water Nation in the Avatar: the Last Air Bender cartoon. And by the way, the caped sleeves on this tee are adorable!

Acorns Away Tee:
Acorns will always remind me of my big sister. And if that wasn't enough they paired it with such cool colors! Score!

So which tee is your favorite? Comment and let me know! I always love hearing from my awesome readers. You girls rock!!n :D


  1. The artic avatar one hehehehe 8-D
    By the way, acorns taste just fine when roasted over a camp fire

  2. I adoooore the Seeds of Kindness tee! The green checkered dress is so awesome :)


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