Friday, October 15, 2010

Operation Beautiful

Today I'd like to spotlight a wonderful website called "Operation Beautiful."

Operation Beautiful is dedicated to stamping out negative self-talk ("fat talk" as Caitlin, the founder calls it) in girls and women. People all over the country write encouraging notes on post-it-notes (or any paper they have handy at the time) and post them in public places - mostly on the mirrors of restrooms.

The blog posts pictures of some of the notes people have left around and stories of people who have been touched by the project. It's really fun and encouraging to read.

I found the site earlier this year. At the time a friend of mine was just beginning to recover from her anorexia, and I was very touched by the site and began to post notes myself. I've gotten out of the habit since then, and I want to get back into it again.

God has really worked a great change in me the past few months. I used to care a lot about what people thought of me, and often felt a lot of pressure to like certain things, or dress a certain way. Lately, however, I've stopped caring. I am who God made me and I'm not changing for man. That's why I'm "beautifully me." Now I want to help other girls see the beauty that is in themselves. So, I am going to start posting notes again, and once a week I am going to blog a picture of one of the notes I have posted. Will anyone join me?

It really doesn't take much time, and who knows - your note could be just the thing some poor girl needs to hear. If anyone is willing to join me comment and let me know - if you have a blog we could even keep each other accountable. ;-)

Here's to stopping "fat talk"!

All photos are the property of Operation Beautiful and used with permission.

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