Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kat in Boots

(Close up detail of the boots and the pattern on the dress)

So today I have two new pieces to introduce you to! First of all...

My boots came yesterday! Yay! I wasn't expecting them till Thursday! Needless to say I was very pleasantly surprised. :D

I ordered the boots from Charlotte Russe after eyeing them for several days. You can't tell real well in the pictures, but they are very cow-boy inspired. I don't usually go for the western look, but these are perfect. They are not very westerny, they are nice and tall, and can be worn in a romantic way, or more edge if I so wish. You will be seeing lots of them this autumn/winter I know. :D

And secondly, my new dress. :D I got it at Goodwill on Sunday. I think it is handmade vintage. It has a metal zipper, no tags and appears to be handmade - so that is my guess. (but don't come after me with pitch forks or anything if it isn't. Please!)

At first I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to style it in a way that I would actually enjoy wearing, but I actually pulled it off, I think - despite some major doubts this morning when I tried it with my black cardigan. Yeah, that didn't work so well. :D

Once I realized the black cardigan wouldn't work I went searching in my closet for something else to keep me warm. I found my green blazer, (which I took in in the back using a couple safety pins) but the I decided to get a pic of the dress with leather jacket too, and I ended up liking that look even more! Which do you think looks better? O.o

Outfit Details:
Dress - Thrifted
Green Jacket - Gift
Leather Jacket - Wet Seal
Tights - Walmart
Boots - Charlotte Russe
Purse - Charlotte Russe


  1. All the greens are great. I've wanted a nice green blazer like that for ages! Oh and pretty boots too :)

  2. What is Kat and Edgy?
    I like the dress with both the jacket and sweater. 8-D It is really cute on you, though you make everything look nice 8-D
    The boots are REALLY cool. And I agree, they don't look cowboyish. If they did I'd clopper you.

  3. Adorable! I love the dress. It certainly looks like it could be hand made. And those boots are to die for! Did you order them through the mail? They have endless possibilities!

  4. Oh man, I really like both looks but I think the leather is my fave! The dress is such a lovely fit on it's own, too. I totally want a pair of black western booties!! :)

  5. What a neat Goodwill find! I do like the leather jacket with that dress more than the green jacket, but really, both look great with the dress.

    About Superchick and Barlow Girl: I've always liked Superchick more musically. Barlow Girl was a little too bland.

    PS: I saw on your Facebook that you're a "Dahl" too? I wonder if we're legally related somehow...

  6. I loved it with the green blazer, but that can be because I am very matchy matchy.

    The dress is gorgeous, it's handmade and I'm sure is truly unique. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada


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