Friday, October 8, 2010

Another Day

Today has been super busy! My family has been getting ready for some of our relatives to come for the week end which means lots of cleaning! Oy ya yoi!

So, this is what I wore to dinner as shot in the restroom of the restaurant. :D (I knew it would be to dark to go outside by the time we got back, and as our house has terrible lighting I felt this was my only option.) I've worn this outfit several times in the last few weeks, but have not had an opportunity to document it before.

I got the tee-shirt from Kohl's while my big sis was here. I got a large thinking it would be a little lose but it wasn't. I was going to return it, but I thought it looked pretty nice on, and I didn't think it was worth it to return it since it was only about five dollars. I'm glad I didn't now.

I think this is also a good time to explain why I wear so few dresses. The simple answer: at 5' 7" it is very hard for me to find dresses that are my style and yet long enough to fit my minimum length. I did find one at Target today, however.

(Sorry for the bad quality. I can never get good dressing room photos because the lighting is so bad and the flash reflects if I turn it on. >.<)

I didn't get it since there is a lot more I need, but I think I'll get it sometime in the next few weeks, since I'm starting a regular baby sitting job this week. Yay!! :D

I also updated my Tumblr account today. Please check it out and follow me if you like my pictures.

Outfit Details:
Shirt - Candies
Jeans - So...
Ballet Flats - Old Navy
Scarf - From my little sister
Sunglasses - Dollar General


  1. That scarf is real pretty! I like the idea of taking photos in the toilets of places but it would be pretty embarressing if someone came in. Thanks for the comments!It makes me smile to think someone reads my blog.x
    Good luck with baby sitting. Children can be scary.

  2. I love both outfits! As you know, scarves are my favorite fashion accessory. ;) Also, you look lovely in that dress!

    Miss you <3


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