Monday, October 11, 2010

"I wonder if they'd let Watson and me dissect your brain..."

" I wonder if they'd let Watson and me dissect your brain - after you hang, of course - I'd wager there would be some deformity that would be scientifically significant."

I got to go to the local park with my cousin, Molly today. It was loads of fun - I haven't been there in months. Most of the leaves were changing colors and I was clicking away with my camera - using Molly for a model much more than once. ;-) I posted the best pictures on my Tumblr account. I also had Molly snap a couple pictures of me, and I absolutely adore the first one!

I got the shirt from Target a few days ago. It was originally eighteen dollars on sale for nine. I thought it would be good for layering - especially in the summer months - so I snapped it up.

The hat I got yesterday from Clair's when Molly and our little sisters and I went to the mall. It reminded me of the hat Robert Downey Jr. wears in Sherlock Holmes - only with a bow, which makes it more chic and feminine - and since I loved that movie, and that hat looked so cute on I just had to get it. :D It was also on sale - from eighteen to twelve dollars. Lucky me. :D

The only problem with it is that I'm not Sherlock - I'm Watson. I guess next time I ought to find a hat that looks like Watson, huh? ;-)

Outfit Details:
Hat - Clair's
Black Shirt - Merona
White Shirt - Candies
Jeans - So...
Shoes - My little sister


  1. I love the hat he wears in Sherlock Holmes too, but this is an even better girly version! Very cute outfit, the light layers are perfect for this time of year! :)

  2. Great hat! I'm really into hats right now. I found a couple at a thrift store the other day and can't wait to work them into outfits. I think I would wear a hat everyday if I had enough! Keep up the great outfit posts!

  3. it is kind of Sherlock style! (although is that a girant bow--can't see too well).
    I did love the new movie. I basically love most adaptations of Sherlock Holmes, so long as they don't mess up the Holmes/Watson relationship, and it was really funny in that movie. Funny too what you say about you and your sister...
    I'll be back, got to run to school ten minutes ago!


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