Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Barlow Girl - Clothes

My cousin posted this video on Face Book and I just had to share it.

This is definitely a struggle with me. There are some things that I like - even though I know they are immodest. A lot of times I will find myself arguing within me and trying to justify it. But I know that if I let myself go a little bit it will go further and further until all standards are diminished - if I let it. And sometimes it is hard for me to make the decision to stay modest, but I know that with God's help I can do it.

I believe it is possible to stay modest and still be fashionable. I can be "beautifully pure."


  1. This is a constant struggle! I am right there with you. That's why camisoles and tanktops are made, remember...:) But when layering doesn't work, neither does sewing it, don't buy it. I've had to put down countless pieces of lovely clothing because it isn't meant for layering and isn't proportioned for sewing. :\
    It CAN be done. That's why we are here. To show that it CAN. :)

    - s

  2. I love your spirit and glad you found a kind of solution for yourself for the time being. I believe in you. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  3. Barlow Girl is great about sharing positive messages to girls! I had a fun opportunity to man their booth at Awakening Fest sometime ago.

    About dressing modestly, I find that layering is SO much more fashionable anyway :) It adds a sophisticated look instantly even when you're not wearing expensive pieces. Knowing that helped my decision to modesty so much easier!

    G'luck being Taylor Swift's modest doppelganger this Halloween!!


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